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  • One-Button automatic packaging, automatic changing bag.
  • 0.3 seconds infrared induction.
  • Humanized sensing distance.
  • 45 days long standby.
  • Silent opening and closing.
  • 15.5 Litre large capacity.


2018 Articles

The best thing I bought on Taobao in these years---DIY Hair Clipper

After shopping on Taobao for more than 10 years with more than 1 million dollars spent, one day I was asked by someone, what is the best valued item I bought on Taobao in these years? That was a self-assisted hair cutter.

You must be astonished if you calculate how much money and time you spend on hair cutting in your whole life.

If you believe time is money, this self-assisted hair cutter will be your beloved item. Owning it, you won't need to wait for long hours with nothing to do before your barber finishing his customers before you.

It sells only 118CNY on Taobao (less than 20USD), but it will save you at least $20000 or more. Click Here to get one.

Buy Dragon Boat from Tmall

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Eating dumplings and dragon boat racing are the most familiar folk customs in China.

With convenient online shopping, even if you are traveling overseas, buying Chinese zongzi (rice dumplings) online through Tmall and other domestic e-commerce platforms is nothing new.

However, the recent Dragon Boat Festival online shopping of a Chinese in Sydney is a bit unusual. She did not buy zongzi but bought a 14-meter-long dragon boat on Tmall.