Taobao&Tmall Shopping Tips

Several practical tips you need to master when shopping on Taobao&Tmall

1. Check seller's credit first

A: This is a 10 year Tmall Shop

B: Description Match: 4.8

Service Attitude: 4.8

Logistics Service: 4.8

C: This is a 3 crown Taobao Seller

2. See the item's customer reviews

A: All Reviews

B: Positive Reviews

C: Neutual Reviews

D: Negative Reviews

E: 2nd Reviews

Sometimes buyers will give a 2nd review after using the item for some period, this is where to check if the products is durable.

F: Reviews with real photos

Most product pictures on Taobao or Tmall are beautified by software such as photoshop to boost the sales, but all pictures in the customer reviews are real photos taken on the real items buyers received.

Pass the seller if the percent of negative reviews/all reviews is too high.

It's really annoying that nowadays Taobao(Tmall) won't let you search items on its platform if you are not logged into your account. There are 2 main reasons for Taobao(Tmall) to do so.



You may know, due to intellectual property protection, nowadays Taobao prevent most foreigners from search brand items on its platform, which means as a foreigner, you have no chance to see a lot of brand items such as Gucci, LV, Prada, Supreme... no matter it's authentic or copied.

To help you solve this problem, hereby we teach you a


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