Taobao&Tmall Shopping Tips

Several practical tips you need to master when shopping on Taobao&Tmall

1. Check seller's credit first before you buy

Tmall Serller's Shop Credit
Taobao Serller's Shop Credit
Shop Credit Benchmark for Taobao(Tmall) Sellers

A: This is a 10 year Tmall Shop

B: Description Match: 4.8

Service Attitude: 4.8

Logistics Service: 4.8

C: This is a 3 crown Taobao Seller

2. See the item's customer reviews

Taobao(Tmall) Item Reviews

A: All Reviews

B: Positive Reviews

C: Neutual Reviews

D: Negative Reviews

E: 2nd Reviews

Sometimes buyers will give a 2nd review after using the item for some period, this is where to check if the products is durable.

F: Reviews with real photos

Most product pictures on Taobao or Tmall are beautified by software such as photoshop to boost the sales, but all pictures in the customer reviews are real photos taken on the real items buyers received.

Pass the seller if the percent of negative reviews/all reviews is too high.

3. How to search items on Taobao(Tmall) with images

You can find the camera icon in both Taobao PC and Mobile search box as shown on the left, click this camera icon to upload images or take a picture with your mobile phone. FYI, this search items with images function is not very matured, but you still can try it if you really don't know the exact search keywords of the items you want to buy on Taobao(Tmall).

Taobao Search Box on PC
Taobao Search Box on Mobile

4. The Magic Keywords List

You may know, due to intellectual property protection, nowadays Taobao prevent most foreigners from search brand items on its platform, which means as a foreigner, you have no chance to see a lot of brand items such as Gucci, LV, Prada, Supreme... no matter it's authentic or copied.

To help you solve this problem, hereby we supply you a list of magic keywords to let you find such hidden gems on Taobao(Tmall).

5. How to browse Taobao(Tmall) without Login

Search Taobao without Logging in

>>>>>>Click above image to search items on Taobao without login<<<<<<

It's really a bad user experience that nowadays Taobao(Tmall) won't let you search items on its platform if you don't login to your account. The main reason for Taobao(Tmall) to do so is they want to collect user information for more precise ads pushing. Did you notice your interested items popping up when you are browsing on Twitter, Facebook or other mobile apps? You have no privacy in such a big data era.

However, if you still want to browse Taobao(Tmall) without leaking your privacy, you may try below 3 ways:

1. Search items with below link:

2. Login to your account once then log out.

This way has some time limit, as the browser still keep your login cookies, so it won't work after some period of time.

3. Use a cookie edit plugin if you are using Chrome

Install EditThis Cookie Plugin in Chrome Web Store. Export the cookie once you are logged in your Taobao account, and keep it on your PC's desktop. Next time when you want to search some items on Taobao, import the cookie so you can view items on Taobao without logging in.

4. The ultimate browsing Taobao(Tmall) without login method will be shared in our MBC VIP membership.

How to mornitor the price of your beloved Taobao(Tmall) items

Sometime you find an item's price is too high to afford, but you are still seeking chance to buy it if its price drops into your target area, here is a Chrome Plugin to help you mornitoring the price change and it will email you once it reaches your target price. To get this price mornitoring function for Taobao(Tmall) items, you need to register an account on its website: . This plugin can also mornitor prices of JD items.