Our Service

1. China Shopping Agent Service (Daigou Service)

As a Taobao agent, we can help you buy most products from all shopping sites in China, including but not limited to: Taobao, Tmall, 1688...

1.1 Order Procedure

1.1.1 You submit your Taobao or Tmall orders by email (sales@mybigchina.com) or by webform (Click Here) with item links and quantity, size, color...

1.1.2 Then we will contact each seller to check the stock availability and email you back with the estimated purchasing cost including our agent fee. Also in our email, we will give you an estimated shipping cost to your country. Sometimes we will also give you some objective, neutural advises on some items you select.

1.1.3 If you agree on the purchasing cost and shipping quoted in our email, just send us the down payment for the total purchasing cost including our service fee.

1.1.4 After receiving your down payment, we will process your order in the same working day.

1.1.5 Normally domestic shipping from sellers to us needs 3-5 days, when all items arrive at our warehouse and the final exact packing weight comes out, we will send you the 2nd email to charge you the exact shipping freight accordingly.

1.1.6 After receiving your 2nd shipping payment, we will ship your parcel within 2 working days and send you the tracking url by email.

1.2 Shipping

1.2.1 Mostly, we will ship by EMS due to its economic shipping rate, below is the EMS shipping rate for your reference. If you want to ship by other couriers such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, we will quote you the shipping as per each order.

For US customers, you can also track on: http://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfirm.htm?form=global , as the information on USPS's site is updated quicker than the former Chinese EMS's site after the parcel enters US. According to our experience, it only takes 3-5 working days to deliver to our US customers.

However, if you still want to use DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX due to the urgency of your parcel, you can leave us a message on "Other Memos" on the page "Place an Order".

1.3. Payment&Charge

1.3.1 CryptoCurrency: BTC, ETH. (Preferred by Bitcoin)

There is no service fee if you pay by Bitcoin.

Below Bitcoin and Ethereum quote is in real time!

We believe that decentralized currency is the future, thus Bitcoin is our first choice to get paid, of course, you can also pay by Ethereum.

Some customers ask why we don't accept Paypal? FYI, Paypal is a bloodsucker charging around 5% fees for doing nothing, which is too high to afford for such a mere 5-10% Taobao shopping agent business. Moreover, Paypal frequently closes Chinese sellers accounts and robs all money in their accounts for no reason and nowhere for account holders to claim.

Yes, you can buy 99% items from Taobao by Bitcoin Payment.

You may see some of our peer companies have a very long list of prohibited items because they are afraid of Paypal closes their accoount. However, you have no such worry if you place an order to us by Bitcoin.

If you are not a bitcoin owner yet, please refer to this guide to buy Bitcoin online.

Below are some sites on which you can buy Bitcoins easily:




1.3.2 Bank Wire, Western Union, WebMoney

For payment by Bank Wire, Western Union or WebMoney, our service fee is 5%.

1.4. Disclaimer

1.4.1 We don't sell any goods on this website, we are only working as an online shopping agent to help our customers buy items from Taobao. We shall not be involved in the disputes between you and the sellers on Taobao. To avoid such disputes, we do recommend you to choose sellers with at least 2 diamonds and positive rating above 98%. Also sometimes, we will give you some advices based on our years' shopping experience on Taobao. Most times, what you see is what you buy, though it may have some color differences due to different PC screens. Anyway, it's your responsibility to tell the commodity is good or not and decide the sizes, colors, etc...

1.4.2 As a shopping agent, we reserve the rights to reject any orders for some illegal or contraband items which we think may exist commercial risks.

1.4.3 Import duties, taxes and other charges are not included in the EMS shipping freight. These fees, if occur when the parcel entering into your country's customs, should be burden on your side. The only thing we can do to avoid such fees for you, is marking the goods as a personal gift with claiming value under 100 US dollars.

2. China Parcel Forwarding Service (集运服务)

For overseas Chinese who can buy items on different Chinese shopping sites by themselves, we offer Parcel Forwarding Service to help you combine packing all your parcels and transship it out of China. You can just use our warehouse in Hangzhou as your transshipping station in China.

if you are a dropshipper, we can ship your orders directly to your customers.

4. FBA Sourcing Service

This service is mainly for wholesale. No matter you are resellers or distributors online or offline in your country, we can help you source your stock in any city of China ( Yiwu, Guangzhou...) and help you ship your goods door to door later by sea or by air.

MBC Express is a service for foreigners living in China. We can help you buy all kinds of daily necessities such as milk, oil, pet food, steak and all other groceries with high quality and good price.

Our VIP Memebers Only Service entitle you exclusive access to the underground market on which you can buy all kinds of hottest luxury brands with very attractive prices. Meanwhile, as our MBC VIP members, you only need to pay 5% service fee for all your orders for the whole year.

7. Currency Exchange Service

If you have some money to pay your suppliers or shipping forwarders in China, we can help you exchange your currency to Chinese Yuan and send it directly to the Bank account or Alipay account (Wechat account) as per your request.