MBC Domestic Service

MBC Express is our service to help foreigners living in China buy all kinds of life necessities.

For some long-term needs, such as pet food, you can order on a quarterly or yearly base. You will receive the same goods every other period, so you needn't waste your precious time on placing the same orders every month or sometimes just forget to do it due to your busy work.

No matter it's rice, milk, beaf, shrimp, cooking oil, pet supplies, baby diapers, kitchen stuffs, bedding sets, home appliance or other daily necessities, we will arrange to deliver it to your door at the same date every other period.

If you like shopping at Walmart's Sam's Club, you may browsing JD's online Sam's Club via below link:

(All our MBC Express customers enjoy Sam's Club member's price with only 5% service fee)

Walmart's Sam's Club on JingDong

Netease strictly selected (Wangyi Yanxuan) is another great site to buy all kinds of items for everyday life.

For all items on H&M Tmall shop or H&M official site in China, we offer 15% discount to all our customers.

(Promotional sales items are not included.)