MBC VIP Members Only

MBC VIP Members Only

MBC VIP Annual Member Fee: $99.95/year

MBC VIP Member's Benefits

1. Half Agent Fee

Our normal shopping agent service fee is 5%, By being a MBC VIP member, you are entitled only 2% agent fee for all your orders for a whole year.

2. Access to the Underground Market

Still missing the days you can buy all kinds of high quality 1:1 luxury brand items with unbelievable low price on Taobao? Wondering why all such luxury sellers disappeared on Taobao over one night? By being a MBC VIP member, we will unfold you a huge underground market where you can buy all such hard to find luxury items so you can keep up with the latest fashion trend.

3. Help you find some rare items

If you are a long-time Taobao shopper, you may find a lot of good items with brands have been disappeared on Taobao. We will give you a list of synonym keywords to let you search such brand items easily on Taobao. Moreover, if you still have difficulty to find your items, we will find it for you on any different platforms online or offline

4. Search on Taobao without logging in

As you know, now Taobao and Tmall requires you to login first before searching items. If you are foreigners, a lot of sensitive items will be blocked if they detected your IP address if from outside of China. They also track your privacy when you are browsing items after login. We will teach you a method to let you search items as easily as Chinese do, so you can see much much more items.

5. 1st Priority Order Processing

Among all our orders, we will process our VIP members’ order in the 1st priority.

6. SecKill Hot Items on Your Behalf

Sometimes there are some new products coming to the market like Xiaomi, Huawei, which has very few limited quantity for flash sale of just a few seconds. If you are MBC VIP member, we will try to snatch one for you on the market.

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