Parcel Forwarding Service(集运服务)


Please send all your China domestic parcels to below our warehouse in Hangzhou and submit all the domestic tracking numbers in below form. Once we receive all your parcels, we will check and combine pack all your items into one parcel and notify you the payment details by email before shipment.

收件人:王冬青 转(yulandy)

地址:浙江省杭州市江干区丁兰街道大农港路1298号创微创意园2-4029 (杭州华英国际快递)


电话:13634101207 / 057186412786

For the shipping freight, you can refer to our EMS shipping rate as we use EMS for 90% of our parcels.

If you want to use other shipping ways such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, leave your requirements and rough shipping weight on below form, as the shipping rate fluctuate time to time, we will check and quote by each order.

NOTE: We will open each parcels to check before combine shipping, if we find any dangerous items such as weapons, drugs, we have the rights to dispose it or even call the police.