Sell to China

To foreigners who want to open a shop online to sell to China

In the past few years, we have received many inquiries from different countries asking how to open a shop on Taobao, therefore, we hereby write this article to give people some guide.

First of all, you should know clearly it’s not an easy thing to run a successful online shop anywhere in the world. It needs to input a lot of energy and money as investment, if you don’t prepare to invest anything, you can stop reading here and leave this page now.

Secondly, you should also understand, time is money for any business. Before you decide to contact us for cooperatioon to sell your goods on Taobao, we hope you have a deep consideration about all things you could think of. The truth is, till now, 99% inquirers are just wasting our time by throwing a simple 2-3 sentences email without any sincerity.

Thirdly, before you make your decision, have you asked yourself, if your goods have a market in China? Yes, many Chinese are very rich nowadays, they are willing to pay big money to buy goods from western countries. But you should also know, Chinese is everywhere around the world. There are already thousands of overseas Chinese sellers(mostly immigrants and overseas students) on Taobao now, therefore, the competition is tough already.

Below are some overseas products we see sell well on Taobao in these years:

1. Health Care Products:

This is the No.1 niche for overseas products on Taobao. Its small volume is easy to transport by air into China. More important is quite a lot Chinese believe in eating health products, such as Vitamins, Fish Oil, Calcium Tablet, Brazil Bee Propolis, Protein Powder, American Ginseng, Korean Ginseng…However, we don’t think it’s a good idea to compete fiercely with hundreds of other Taobao sellers on selling the same big brands such as: GNC, Amway Nutrilite, Puritan’s Pride…Some cold brands, as long as they have good and obvious effect on people’s health, it can be sold well on Taobao too.

Here we can give you some examples:


This is a 2 crown shop especially selling Brazil Propolis, most of their brands are never heard by common people, but their sales are very good on Taobao every month. The main reason is many middle and aged Chinese have high blood sugar and blood lipid nowadays and they believe Bee Propolis has good effect on reducing these two indexes. And when it comes to Bee Propolis, every literate Chinese knows Brazil Propolis is the best in the world.


This is another shop which mainly sells UK made pregnancy health products.

So if your country has some magic health products which can significantly boost people’s health and prolong people’s lifespan, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. Baby Related Products:

Most Chinese young parents are willing to spend money for their babies.



This is a shop mainly sells US made baby shampoo, cream, ointment and other baby related products.


This shop sells baby trolley from Germany.

3. Electronic Products:

Today, many electronic products are made in China, such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Thinkpad or Dell Alienware laptops …but due to the heavy tax in China, most of such electronic products’ prices are much higher than the prices of the same models in western countries. The main difficulties of selling such high value products on Taobao are: they are easy to be charged customs duties when entering into China, also it’s easy to be broken if packaging is not made hard enough. Another big obstacle is such high value products may need a lot of circulating funds . Also you should target on those brands which offer worldwide after-sale service.


This shop mainly sells US custom-made Dell Alienware laptops. It shows 88 transactions last month. Since its business mode run on booking model (buyer firstly pay 2000CNY as deposit, after the machine is made out, seller charges the rest amount to buyers), it doesn’t need a huge circulating funds. But you should have good source to get these machines much cheaper than its official price on Dell US site. Otherwise, there are tons of overseas transit companies helping those Chinese buyers get their goods in US and Europe.

Do you have good source to get cheap wholesale prices for some worldwide famous products? Do you know some products which sells well on your local market but a few people know it out of your country? Do you want to develop the huge Chinese market with 1.3 billion potential customers? If your answer is “yes”, and you are willing to input some funds and energy into this new career, please email us a detailed business plan. The more details you tell us in your emails, the more attention we will pay to your project.

Last but not least, don’t send us a short email with a few sentences. If we don’t see any sincerity in your email, we won’t reply you. As we know success always belongs to the person who plans.